Did you just start your business?

Are you thinking on create your website but have no idea of where or how to start?

Do you cringe every time you hear SEO, Analytics, learn a new whole thing just to using once?


If your answer was yes to any of those questions, you came to the right place!

You don’t have to worry anymore. I can help you to thrive online.

All the websites I created use WordPress and Divi. 

WordPress is the best content management system and when aligning with Divi Theme, it makes so easy for you to use when I finish.
(Don’t worry, I will teach you how to update your website if you wish)


All prices are in Canadian dollars.
(click here to convert)

If you need more items, or have a different project in mind,

tell me and I will create a custom quote for you.

Want to make money blogging but building a blog from zero scares you?

With my Complete Blog Package, you can just sit down and write your content while I take care of the technical stuff.


Where does the service “take place”?
I am based in Winnipeg, Canada. If you are in the city, we can meet up.

If you are anywhere else, we can have a virtual coffee using Skype or Google Hangouts.

What should I have ready for you to start?
Basically, I need the Content. 
Usually, a website has pages like About, Services, Products, Contact. You will have to think about what kind of pages you want. But if you have no idea what you need, we can figure out together.
How is the design process?
The process is extremely collaborative, I will create a project for you at Trello and we will work together in every step to design the best website for your branding. Every project is different, but I have a process to keep the project organized.
Do you offer any payment options?
Payment Option 1:

50% of the total will be due on your project start date
50% of the remaining total will be due at the completion of the project.
Note: I will create the website on a stage and it will only be online when I receive the final payment.

Payment Option 2:

One full payment – pay upfront and receive 10% off your total package.

How long it takes to complete a project?

It depends.

I know this is not the answer you were expecting. But it really depends on the project.

If you know what you want, if you have the logo, the content, the photos, and follow my system in Trello, if small, I can finish in a week.

If you want to build the content while I am creating the website, it will take the time you need, I can fill the website with dummy text.

If you have no idea what you want, I suggest you breathe, calm down and figure out your business before creating a website. 🙂

Do you offer any support?
Every package includes 30 days of email support after I complete the project.

This includes support for WordPress and Divi questions, theme and plugin updates and bug fixes.

Is hosting and domain included?

But I have 60% off at Siteground Hosting, click here to have access. The best part of this deal is you can choose 1 year, 2 or 3 years to buy upfront and keep the same price. Usually, deals like this are only available for the 1st year. I totally recommend you to take the 3-year deal.

I don’t have any discounts on domains, but you can buy from godaddy or namecheap. You don’t have to buy the domain from Siteground, I can link the accounts in no time.

Are you ready to book?

Please, take your time to fill this form because it helps me to learn more about you and your project.