The Beginning of Something

Oh, the first blog post!

Why is it so difficult to start? To open your blog to the world and say “I’m here”.

I don’t know how old are you, but I’m 34 and I never had a problem in revealing my age. I am a people-person and I love to read other people stories. When I was young, I was concerned about the lack of stories I had to tell. My mom was strict and I couldn’t get out, so most of my friends were book’s characters. My dad was an open book and I love his way to tell his stories, so full of details, with some songs in between.

You know when you were a teenager and you could be popular and cute and have lots of popular friends but instead, you became sort of weirdo full of pimps and nobody actually likes you and you have to add some comedy to your life? There, in that point, I learned the “laugh of myself survival mode” and I’m not sure if it was good because it made me look up for mistakes to make people laugh. :/

I found out that many people do that, I still do, but now I noticed that sometimes my stories are too long and in these instant-times, nobody has time to listen to a long story.

And I was thinking how was at the beginning of the Internet, with the mIRC and how it used to takes 3 Sundays to download 1 song (I only had the Internet on Sundays).  

Today if a video takes 5 seconds to load, I wanna die. Photoshop takes 3 minutes to open, and it wants me to look at his opening (so much stress for 3 minutes). We can’t waste 1 minute with loadings, we are the generation of now.

I found out some days ago that I am a Millennial. To me, millennials were people who were born in the year 2000. I always thought that I was part of generation Y. Not that I like being a letter, but there are so many BuzzFeed posts and ads badmouthing millennials so I don’t want to be one.  Why do we need to give a name to a generation by the way? Is it that necessary?

People who were born in the year 2000 are 17 years old now. It’s hard to deal with this because it looks like a long time but at the same time, it’s not. And sometimes I think of these teenagers from now, what are their stories? Not those 24h stories on Instagram/snapchat. Their backgrounds, what they have to say? The only thing I wanted, when I was 17, was to leave that small town I used to live.

It took me more than 3 years to leave and found my way to the big city. I would like to be an Animator (big mistake) but in the middle of the course, I decided to be a Graphic Designer too.

I spent 7 years at the University learning as much as I could. I’m a mediocre animator, that’s for sure. I can’t change this, I don’t want to and I don’t care. But it was my path, most of the money I got in my life, it came from my Animator degree.

I can’t come back in time to change anything because it would ruin my happiness, I would never meet my husband and never would come to Canada. It was meant to be. The wrong paths along with the right ones. Graphic Design was my escape route and I loved everything about it. I waste so much money trying to be something I’m not.

And you probably felt the same way at some point. Oh, I’m not special, I’m not one of a kind. Everybody has doubts about their careers at some point in their life.

Usually, it comes when you’re in an 8-5 job that makes your life pass really fast and it looks like you’re not accomplishing anything.
I believe with Berry Nice I will accomplish something great and I can’t wait to start!