Brincando de fazer poesia

make believe poetry

Illustrated the brazilian book “Brincando de Fazer Poesia” by Isabelle Betonni.
Watercolor technique was used in the illustrations inside the book.
Paper cut technique was used to create the cover. 

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Book illustrated

⚡️My first illustration job was in 2007. It was illustrating the book of an 11-year-old girl. “Brincando de fazer poesia” — “Make believe poetry” (loosely translation)

🎨I was an art student looking for starting my career as an Illustrator and Uni Duni Editora gave me a chance.

I’ll never forget going to that Publisher with my heart racing, sitting there, signing a contract, receiving the first 50% and dreaming about the next steps.

💗Seeing the book in my hands and my name on the cover was a great experience. I cherished every little step of it.

We started together and we’ve learned a lot. We are so proud of your work and your illustrations, that enchanted millions of kids, teachers and parents, in many regions of Brazil. Thank you, Rita! 


Chief Editor & Owner, UniDuni Editora (Publisher)

You can see the book here!

Since this project was completed, I became a full digital artist.

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