Maxident Software

Maxident was a huge project. When I started they had almost none online presence, their social media accounts were abandoned and the website had only 4 blog posts, those with irrelevant content.

I worked with them for 2 years and managed to build a strong online presence with new and return visitors that later became leads.

Almost 100 articles were created and share all across social media and email marketing.

Client Maxident Software
Date 2016-2018
Skills  Web Design, Graphic Design, Social Media,

The customer portal

This was a long work to put everything in place. The content of the portal came to make the company paperless. No more stuff sent to customers (brochures, CDs with dental fee guides, program upgrade, documentation). Everything was online.

landing pages

For each Call-to-action buttons on social media or email marketing, I created a landing page that increased the demo requests that led to purchases later.

The graphics

After a while, I noticed that Maxident followers on twitter were just bots and spam, so the best chance we had was on Facebook and Pinterest. In the beginning, I used only blue graphics, but then, the Pinterest boards became boring so I decided to add a hint of colors.



Although most of my work was online, I did some other graphics for them.

The Calendar

Each month contained a tip for dental officers.


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