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Inventiva ice cream parlor

Project Description

Created 4 posters with fun “what if” questions to be displayed at the ice cream parlor and on the ice cream container.

Project Details

Client Inventiva
Date July 2014
Skills Graphic Design
Visit Instagram

Project Feature

The posters were created first but they loved so much, they decided to have the lettering on the container too.

There are 4 types of containers and the customers always take home because they loooove it. 😀


Mission Accomplished!

The Posters

The posters were created based on 4 “what if” happy questions:

What if every day you made a pause just for fun?

What if everybody loved everyone?

What if you had a non-linear day?

What if you did something to make a stranger laugh? 

Every customer can come in and take a picture with their favorite poster. 😀

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