Inventiva Ice Cream parlour

Project Description

Create 4 posters with fun “what if” questions to be displayed at the ice cream parlour and on the ice cream containers.

inventiva  8
inventiva  9
inventiva  6
inventiva  11
inventiva  10

The Posters

The posters were created based on 4 “what if” happy questions:

What if every day you made a pause just for fun?

What if everybody loved everyone?

What if you had a non-linear day?

What if you did something to make a stranger laugh? 

Every customer can come in and take a picture with their favorite poster. 😀

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Project Feature

The posters were created first but they loved so much, they decided to have the lettering on the container too.

There are 4 types of containers and the customers always take home because they loooove it. 😀


Mission Accomplished!

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