Why is it so hard to take the first step?

My dad used to say “to get famous all you need is courage”, I heard this my entire life and here I am… hoarding information and shaking like a leaf. Why is it so hard? Why are we so afraid to fail? I get it, we only live once, but still… it shouldn’t be that hard.

If we think about our very first step, that we don’t remember but you probably already saw babies taking their first step, you can feel how powerful it is and their courage on those little eyes. They want it, they don’t hold it, it’s the freedom. They can cross the room, escape, and a new life begins.

And we, grown-ups, are afraid of starting. There are so much to do and seriously, we are never going to be ready enough.


You know that you don’t have to wait until everything is perfect.


Yes, we need a website. But how many started before the website?

I did!

Back in 2007, I had a blog about my life and some of my school projects on Flickr along with photos of my dolls and my crochet tryouts (how could I?).


And one person liked my naive drawings and gave me a call, gave me a chance. I signed the contract without even read, I was grateful and I still am. I have my name on a children’s book, my first job was an illustration freelance and it was so amazing.

Brincando de fazer poesia

You must know that you don’t have to wait until you have the best skills.

I made so many mistakes, I hate it and I love in the same way. I can see where were my mistakes today, of course, but back then I was just proud of myself.

Do you really need to wait for the website to be ready to go?

You should, but you can start building an audience on Instagram and Facebook, while your website is under construction.
I have at least 12 blog posts in the oven here, at private mode just waiting.

Why do I have to wait? I’m on this field since 2007. 10 years of experience and back then I wasn’t afraid. I was grabbing everything that arrived on my hands and giving back in perfect timing. And maybe that’s why I wasn’t that afraid, I was doing anything, I needed the money, so it really didn’t matter what I was doing:

Illustration? Check
Graphic Design? Check
Web Design? Check
Product Design? Check
Animation? Ooooh yeah, check
Sales Associate? Check
Chocolatier? Check

I had no focus, I was doing anything I could to keep myself on the game. You know, when every coach suggests you find a niche? I didn’t have one, pretty obvious.

Now I decided to focus on 2 areas: Graphic and Web Design. If an illustration job appears, great, I won’t say no if it’s interesting me, but Animation? Not anymore. It’s part of my past.

In the beginning of this year, I made a list of everything I’m good at. I never expected that list to be thaaaat long, it’s impressive how we hold us back comparing ourselves with other people and diminish our work. Everybody has a skill. I studied a lot, so I have lots of skills. I like to learn, it’s bigger than me, but only subjects I’m interested in, otherwise, I’m going to sleep. If you’re having problems of finding your skills make a list.

Make a cup of coffee or tea, make a long and deep list, don’t hold back, I put stuff like “I can read 3 books at the same time” (I think this is a skill, most people can’t) and “I can make a nice cup of coffee” (I only need one cup to be awake all day). I know that looks like nothing but actually, it adds value to yourself.

You are at that point that we are screaming “I AM NOT GOOD AT ANYTHING” and of course you are. The list will make you see it.

So, did you make the list? What did you discover about yourself?