Amazing Paper Creations by Raya Sader Bujana

I am jealous of everyone who is able to do paper art. When I started illustrating back in 2008, my first published book had a paper art cover. I even illustrated 2 more books using this technique but it’s not something I see myself doing very often, it’s just so time-consuming.

Then, there is someone like Raya Bujana, that has an architecture background and it’s passionate about tiny structures.

I am talking about tiny leaves and tiny waved baskets. At least she is honest about how nerve-wracking theses things are.

“If you followed the process on my stories you saw how long it took me to weave this tiny thing, with a hundred gazillion paper threads that I hand cut. It was fun and nerve-wracking, but fun… I enjoy things that challenge both me and my patience 😂😅 ” – Raya Bujana

Look how intricated her work is, it’s not just a repetition, it’s beyond. One of a kind! 

It’s not just plants. She also has a series of paper food which is so precious.

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