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Hey, I’m Rita

I am the designer behind Berry Nice Studio

This website started as a freelance project. A way to show my portfolio, get some clients, help people. However, after a year of reflection, I realized I am happy with my 9-5 job. 

How crazy is that? Who does this?

Well, I do! 

It’s nothing wrong with liking the place you work and not aspiring to be a business owner. So, I decided to change the direction of this website.

At first, I was thinking in a journal like Swiss Miss, but her website works for her because she started at the beginning of the internet. 

I am planning something like this for a long time. I realized I was doing what I want with this website on my Facebook Page/ Instagram. So why not bringing here?


Berry Nice Studio is an experience. It’s a showcase of female artists and also my tryouts as an artist/designer.

It’s a design collection of interesting people, ideas, and learning from mistakes.